Learning Links

People who follow my twitter feed know that I post links to various essays and other forms of information. I want to extend the reach to readers here, so you do not have to endlessly scroll through social media noise.

  1. A lesson in Leadership or Why Lee Kwan Yew is one of the greatest leaders in history; part 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  2. Why did Darker and Lighter Human Skin Evolve?

  3. Everybody suddenly grew a conscience and were tweeting about xenophobia in South Africa. Even your favourite celebrities got involved. Do people really care to help or this is just cheap talk virtue signalling?

  4. Structural Transformation and Cities. Something you know a thing or two about.

  5. Africa's Industrialisation may not look like China's.

  6. Cooking may be humanity’s most important technology.

  7. Do African workers expect too much salary?

  8. We may be misdefining productivity.