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It has been a little over a year since we started the podcast. Host and curator of the show Tobi Lawson is a guest on this episode - to talk about the philosophy behind the project and his opinions on many of the issues the show has discussed.

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What our guests and listeners are saying…

“Thank you so much…for doing this whole project where you’re capturing people’s thoughts and you’re contributing to knowledge and content. It’s extremely important. I cannot even overemphasize how important it is.”

- Ayisha Osori, Executive Director, OSIWA

“Your comments and views show a deep understanding of what’s happening around the world, what’s happening in Africa and these are not easy issues…”

- Andrew Nevin, Chief Economist, PwC Nigeria

“I loved chatting with Tobi about my research on Nigerian markets! Tobi has read more political science research than any non-political scientist I’ve met.”

- Shelby Grossman, Political Scientist

“If you like him, you’ll love his podcast series called, Ideas Untrapped.”

- Affiong Williams, CEO Reelfruit

“This is fantastic. A great synopsis of the current state of the Nigerian economy.”

- Dr Kunle Olu-Nwankwo

“Interested in Nigeria’s development? Binge Ideas Untrapped for perspective and smart insights.”

- Ewoma Vese

“Binged on all the interviews on this platform…”

- U.F.O Frank

“Good stuff. Thank you and the team for what you do.”

- Semper Fidelis

“If y’all are looking for a deep podcast, Tobi Lawson does it right! Brilliant and incisive interviews.”


“Lovely insights. Excellent work with questions from the host. I'm very impressed.”

- Samuel Okocha

“I just finished listening. Really insightful and educative + @tobi_lawson asked very interesting questions.”

- Gbenga

Ideas Untrapped
Ideas Untrapped
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