Jul 30, 2021 • 53M


A Conversation with Robert Frank

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Tobi Lawson
a podcast about ideas on growth, progress, and prosperity
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Welcome to another episode of Ideas Untrapped podcast, where we discuss ideas that promote progress, prosperity, and economic development. We do this by speaking to academics, industry experts, and other creative social thinkers. My guest on this episode is Robert Frank, professor of economics at Cornell University, New York. Robert is my favourite economist because he presents complex ideas in simple intuitive details. His works straddle the nexus of economics, psychology, and biosocial ecology. He has written many interesting books - of which I have read three - and I picked the central themes of those books for our conversation. We started by discussing his latest book - Under The Influence - where Robert explored the idea of “behavioural contagion’’ and its many implications.

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