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BALLOTS AND BEYOND: A Deeper Dive into Nigeria's Election
Undead Assets

Undead Assets

Episode 3 with Fola Fagbule

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In the previous episode, Dr Andrew Nevin introduced the concept of ''dead assets'' to address the government's liquidity and foreign exchange challenges. In this episode, Fola Fagbule challenged that notion. He asserts that what matters are for these assets to be strategically and reasonably managed to achieve the long-term developmental objectives of the country, and not just short-term commercial goals. Fola Fagbule is an infrastructure finance expert. He serves as a Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Advisory for the Africa Finance Corporation. He is also the co-author(with Feyi Fawehinmi) of a bestselling history book on Nigeria called ''Formation: The Making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation''.  

You can buy the book here and here is a link to the excellent companion podcast about the book.  These are also two brilliant essays by Fola on infrastructure that pairs very well with the subject of the discussion.

Ideas Untrapped
BALLOTS AND BEYOND: A Deeper Dive into Nigeria's Election
Timi Soleye and Tobi Lawson - along with brilliant commentators - discuss some of the critical issues in the upcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria. After eight years of disappointing performance by Muhammadu Buhari, many believe the elections will be one of the most consequential in the country's history.
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