Apr 29, 2021 • 49M


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Tobi Lawson
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I learned a lot having this conversation with economic historian Mark Koyama. State Capacity has become an important concept to be understood - especially with the current economic and security problems Nigeria is currently dealing with. A lot of us are also reeling from the consequences of the decisions our governments made in responding to the global pandemic. My conversation with Mark was a bit “wonkish”, so listeners unfamiliar with some of the things we discussed can read the links provided below.

  1. Epidemic disease and the state - Mark Koyama

  2. How to build a state - Anton Howes

  3. Some Thoughts on State Capacity - Mark Koyama

  4. “State Capacity” is Sleight of Hand - Bryan Caplan

  5. Identity Rules, Group Rights and the Promise of Liberalism - Mark Koyama

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